Sharron-Goodyear-Photographer-Kent-and-SussexMy fascination with photography has always been with me right from being a little girl, when I would pull out the shoeboxes from my grandmother’s wardrobe and spend many a happy hour looking through the prints she had collected over the years. I loved looking at this little window into history and even now can remember the images I sat and held as an eight year old child, full of wonder as to the stories behind them.

I have always been creative but after years of working in London, I was finally able to realise my real ambition of becoming a photographer. My move into photography, happily coincided with the birth of my first child, which gave me the perfect opportunity to hone my skill as a portrait photographer. From the moment he was born, my son and his two younger siblings to follow, have become very used to being in front of the camera!

As a mother to three such spirited young children, I am well aware how hard it can be to take a good photograph of your own children. Whenever I put the camera squarely in their face, I would normally be greeted with some grimacing smile and eyes tightly shut or a tongue stuck out, or a face being pulled! I realised fairly early on in my journey into portrait photography that the best way to capture children’s true characters was to change my own approach to photographing them.

It was when I began to simply document them in their natural environment, that I finally achieved the natural portraits I was looking for, as shown with the images of my daughter below….


My passion for documentary photography often speaks through my work and although I also work out of a studio, I love nothing more than working on location with my clients in a more natural setting to create some wonderful images for them.

Please feel free to to take a look at my portfolio for examples of my work and if you are interested in commissioning me for a portrait session and want to check my availability then please contact me via my ‘Contact’ page.

Behind The Scenes..

Below is a behind the scenes video of a commercial campaign I photographed for childrenswear designer Sue Hill at Chiddingstone Castle. It was a fabulous day working with a great team and some wonderful child models! If you would like to view the images from the campaign, you can see them via my blog here: Childrenswear Fashion Shoot